Invalid Session ID

Beginning last Friday, I started getting the same error on several scenarios: Invalid Session ID. I’ve searched “help” and this community and don’t find any reference to it. I have discovered that if I 'reverify" my connection to SugarCRM and restart the scenario, it will run. I have contacted customer support… got nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The email I receive:


Invalid Session ID [11]: The session ID is invalid


SuiteCRM 7/SugarCRM 6 CE


I have the same issue… even when I re-verify, I can’t setup the scenario???

I’ve emailed support and am yet to hear anything.

I’m working it with tech support now. I will let you know if I make any progress.

So far – no real progress. Initially they thought it might be because the apps on their side were switching IP addresses which would invalidate the session with Sugar. However, I have Sugar configured to ignore changing IP address. They asked for the apps log file which I’m told is being analyzed.

In my case, I get an email notice that the scenario has been stopped. I can go to my connections page, verify the SugarCRM connection, restart the scenario (and process the queue) and it all works… until it doesn’t. I’ve got 7 scenarios relying on the SugarCRM connection. Never had this problem until migrating from Integromat to Make.

same… the minute I moved from Integromat to make it broke it. Maybe that’s the issue???

Yep, can confirm it’s make. I found an old Integromat scenario with an existing SuiteCRM connection, and it works, I could even add a new connection, and it would work (will not on Make)

Hey @RickBWeir @TheGarty welcome to the community :wave:

I asked around and this seems to be a known issue on our end and the team is working on fixing this asap. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, here’s a workaround that should do the trick:

Turn off IP address validation on SuiteCRM 7 side.

It can be done in the following ways:

  • UI ➝ Administrator ➝ Admin ➝ System Settings ➝ Advanced ➝ Validate user IP address
  • Edit config.php ‘verify_client_ip’ ➝ change true to false

The best way to switch it off is is the latter, i.e. to modify config.php and set verify_client_ip -> false

Please give it a go and make sure that the configuration stays like this.

Hopefully, this will work but if you’re still facing issues after this, let me know and we’ll investigate further.

I was set up to not validate IP address before this problem started. The workaround doesn’t work.

I worked for me, just had to use an admin account.

Sorry but error came back later on.

Hello everyone @here.

I’m really sorry to hear that the workaround did not do the trick for you.

I see that most of you are communicating with our Support team. However, if there’s someone facing these issues who has not raised a ticket yet, I’d like to kindly ask you to please do so. In order for us to properly look into this, the scenarios need to be investigated “from the inside”.

I’ll keep my eyes open for any updates on this topic and make sure to post here as soon as I get any info.

I’m really sorry for the trouble this is causing you. Thank you so much for your understanding and for bearing with us :pray:

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More than 25 days and still no solution. I don’t want to rewrite all of my scenarios with a different tool, especially the parsers, but I’m getting close to that. In the meantime, if you are suffering with the Invalid Session ID to Sugar like I am, here is a workaround:

Make has a Zapier module allowing you to send the data to Zapier. In Zapier, you configure a webhook and a SugarCRM module to write the data into Sugar. It costs you another $30/month but it seems to be stable.

Hi All,

I use Vtiger which i think is built similar to SugarCRM and for about a week now i have to reauthorise everyday. i just get Error 200 OK back. I have over 20 scenarios and all failings and hundreds of emails a day. i now cant get it re authorised at all. Emailed support so many times in the past 7 days and had no response what so ever.

Hello @here

I just wanted to let everyone know that our devs deployed the fix to this issue. All should hopefully be up and running again so feel free to test.

I also want to apologize that this took quite some time. The team was working on making the fix as robust as possible which resulted in a longer wait.

Thank you so much for your understanding and for being patient with us :pray:

thank you Michaela. It’s been 24 hours and no failures!!!

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Thanks so much for letting us know that thins are working for you @RickBWeir :pray:

Sorry but I have just migrated to Make from Integromat with Cognito → SuiteCRM 7 scenarios. The first time it has run it comes up with Invalid Session ID [11]: The session ID is invalid. So the issue is not fixed unless someone can tell me otherwise.

Regards, Chris.

Heya @Chris_White welcome to the community :wave:

Really sorry to hear that the issue is persistent in your case.

Have you tried the steps described below? :arrow_down:
Just making sure that you did not miss this because it’s a long thread.

For most folks, this does the trick. If it doesn’t get things up and running, could you please log a support ticket?

Our agents have the tools to investigate your scenarios ‘from within’ and can therefore better assist in situations when things behave unexpectedly.