Invalid token issue

Bonjour a tous,

Je suis bloqué a cette étape pour valider qui ne marche pas et me dit que la valeur ne doit pas être vide en rouge sachant que j’ai mis 300 jetons et essayer de mettre d’autres chiffre mais sa ne marche pas

Si quelqu’un pourrait m’éclairer la dessus sa serait super Merci.

Hello there @MaligaDesignAgency :wave:

Just wanted to step in in with a reminder that the only language of our community is English. By keeping all the content in one language everybody can chip in with their ideas and suggestions.

That’s why I translated your response to English :us:

Hello everyone,

I am stuck at this step for validation which does not work and tells me that the value should not be empty in red, even though I have entered 300 tokens and tried other numbers, but it still doesn’t work.

If someone could enlighten me on this, it would be great. Thanks.

Thank you for understanding! :pray:

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