Invalid URL at Microsoft Teams

Hello everyone,

I would like to receive a message in a Teams channel when I move a Trello card. However, the URL appears to be invalid. But I don’t know exactly which URL is meant. I copied and pasted those of the team and the channel.

Since I thought that the error might be due to the scenario, I created another one that should send a team message after filling out a Jotform. However, the same thing happens here with the invalid URL. I can’t find a solution at all and hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

greetings from Germany


Welcome to the Make community!

Looks like you’re supposed to insert the Team ID, not a URL into the Team ID field.


Thanks for the hint. I took the groups and tenant ID as shown in the link 724e0560-c341-4905-83c2-18a57a8b361e was described. Now the URL is no longer invalid. However, the message 404 Resource not found appears. Anyone else have ideas?

I have now re-established the connection from Make to Teams. Now I can find two of my three Microsoft Teams. What could be the reason why one team can’t find one?

Does anyone else have an idea or suggestion for a solution why I can’t select a team? I’m slowly getting desperate :slight_smile: