Is it possible to create a Jira Customer - by listing to a field in Microsoft CRM?

Just trying to figure out if this is possible or not by using make.

I have Microsoft CRM handling a lot of client data, from here I would like to a field or toggle to grant access to the Jira Service Desk as a Customer (Portal-Only Customer).

So the scenario would be:

  • Customer should have access to the Service Desk
  • You click the toggle “on” in the CRM
  • creates a customer in Jira with the email and name from the CRM
  • It then grants the new Customer access to the desired Service Desk project

Or if the customer’s access should be revoked

  • You click the toggle to “off” in CRM
  • then gets Jira to remove the access to the Service Desk

I’m guessing it is, just not with the modules and instead, you would have to use Microsoft CRM and Jira’s APIs?
Or is this totally unrealistic?