Is it possible to create a trigger that will copy/paste and rename folder structure on Synology server?

Hi all,
I would like to be able to create a new Project in Notion (preferred) or Asana and then ‘somehow’ trigger copy/paste of pre-existing folder structure on our server (synology) or via Windows 10 workstation, and rename the copied main folder with the Project name from Notion/Asana newly created project.

  1. Trigger 1 - Create a new Database entry in Notion for the Project name
  2. Trigger 2 - Make activates an app/script/java etc that will copy/paste pre-existing folder structure (folder with many sub-folders required for a new project) on the server
  3. Triggers 3,4,5 - the remainder of the triggers and activations that we can easily do in Make

What app/script do you recommend for Trigger 2? I am just unsure how it is feasible so am unable to search for related app.

Since make runs in the public cloud you’d need to see if Synology makes an api that accesses your server through the internet. And after a few minutes of google searching I found the Synology file station api. This is what you’ll need to use to be able to call and manipulate files and folders on your Synology that is attached to the internet.

The api uses simple http calls and enables authentication using GET calls. It’s pretty old school and easy to implement using the HTTP app in Make.

Brilliant. Thank you. That will give me something to focus on and research about.

Any way to do this by using a windows machine connected to the server? So internet access to server is not utilised?

In a way - do this on a windows mapped drive to server instead. Makes me feel a bit more secure.

Make only runs on the public cloud so unless you put your windows machine in the internet it’s not going to work. Your Synology has pretty good security. Make sure you create a special account and lock down the other admin accounts to reduce snooping on default accounts. And turn off the Synology services that are running and you don’t need.