Is Make the solution for our company?

Hello there,

I work for a company and I regularly use workflow tools like Zapier and Make. However, I’ve encountered limitations with Zapier, particularly when it comes to certain modules like Instagram For Business and LinkedIn. Consequently, we are considering subscribing to your service in the near future.

As we work with hundreds of clients, we would like to know how we can create a scenario for each client with the necessary authentication to connect their social media accounts (Facebook Pages, Instagram, etc.) within our workflows.

We appreciate your assistance in advance and hope to find a suitable solution with your service.

Wishing you a great day,

Mediapole Company.


we can create the setup through make and integration of socila media platform like facebook pages instagram etc and you need to authentication to connect to any social media platform within your workflow,

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We want to create the setup ourselves.

We wanted to know if it was possible. I tested a scenario using make by retrieving data from Zapier via a webhook. It worked. However, I noticed that the authentication system for social networks did not persist over time. Thus, the scenario was no longer viable as I could no longer connect my client.

I’d like to know why the connections don’t last and I have to reconnect my modules ?