Is there a more efficient way to expand a Stripe Checkout API response to include Line Items?

  1. Make an API Call to retrieve the Payment Intent

  2. Make an API Call to retrieve the associated Checkout Session

  3. Make an API Call to retrieve associated Checkout Session Line Items

  1. Stripe has the usual API endpoint > /v1/checkout/sessions. I can pass in the Payment Intent ID in the Query String part of the Make An API Call module to successfully retrieve the Checkout Session (all good so far)

  2. Stripe has an “Includable Property” of Line_Items which can be used to retrieve Checkout Session Line Items. I can Make An API Call with Endpoint: /v1/checkout/sessions/{{}}/line_items id being the Checkout Session ID from the previous API Call module.

But what I CAN’T figure out, is:

  • Firstly, what is an includable property and how do I use it with the Make An API Call?

  • Secondly, how I can use this “Includable Property” in the same API Call, or should I just stick with calling the same API twice? (Seems inefficient)…