Is there a public feature roadmap?

This is really just a question for the community admins.

I wondered if there was a roadmap anywhere for upcoming features, the ability to suggest features etc?

I found a post from you guys talking about what a great thing they are and using make to update your roadmap with feedback in Canny, but no roadmap of your own?

It’s always possible my google-fu is at fault obviously :slight_smile:

I just think that there are things that does really well, and things that could make (no pun intended) it even better, so it would be great to know what is, or isn’t, in the pipeline.


Hey there @Simon_Langham and welcome to the community :wave:

Thank you very much for raising this topic in the community. I am sure that you’re not the only one who is curious about this.

To answer your question, we have an :arrow_right: Idea exchange page just for this purpose.

There are three categories: Platform ideas and improvements, App ideas, and App improvement ideas.

  • in Platform ideas and improvements you can submit suggestions to make the product better and smoother
  • App ideas is the right place to share your suggestion for new apps to our library
  • and App improvement ideas is for already existing apps in Make and their updates

Other users can upvote your suggestion and this way it comes to the attention of our Product Team. Then you can watch the progress journey of your idea. :seedling:

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Hi @vendy

That’s exactly what I was looking for thanks for the quick reply! :+1:

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I’m guessing that’s a re-skinning of the data from your board?

Very nice!. :smiley:

Exactly! Great to see that you found what you were looking for :sunglasses: