Is there a way to activate chatGPT 4 plugins?

I’m trying to use chatGPT 4’s new plugins including DallE3 and Bing for browsing the web.

How can I activate these in the chatGPT module instance? I don’t see any option of doing this.

I tried the following to no avail:

I don’t believe the plugins are accessible via the API so not something that would be able to be done in make directly. Your best bet is to get the data you want from other modules (scrape or query) and then run it into the gpt module.


No, you cannot, as ChatGPT is not available via OpenAI’s API. For more details, see this exact same duplicate question asked before you:

So how do I access Dalle3 then via a Scenario in Make?
I can only access Dalle2 as far as I see because the generated images are crappy compared to what Dalle3 comes up with.

I think most people are going with Midjourney+TheNextLeg

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Yep, so am I. But would love to be able to use Dalle3 because it’s better at some things than Midjourney.