Is there a way to connect with custom GPTs?

Hi guys, I use chatGPT a lot and I have automated the creation of some LinkedIn posts with GPT in
The thing is: There is one custom GPT created by By CharlyAI called: Humanizer Pro.

Everytime I generate one text in chatGPT, I send it to this Humanizer Pro GPT to get one text that sounds more “human-like”.

I was wondering: Is there a way to automate with the api in one conversation directly with this customGPT?
It would help me a lot.

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OpenAI has not made CustomGPTs available on the API.
CustomGPTs are only for use by ChatGPT, which is also not available via the API.
You can submit this feature request on the OpenAI forum.

You might want to take a look at OpenAI Assistants instead.