Is there a way to keep my Spreadsheet ID even after a text aggregator?


I am currently creating an automation flow that fills in workout data per day, and it needs to create a Google Spreadsheet, and per day a new Sheet.

For the first day, it is working and I get data into the Google Spreadsheet with the layout.

But for the second day, it is not possible to get the created Spreadsheet ID. I noticed that when I use the text aggregator it closes off values from earlier in the flow.

Does anyone have an idea how I can bypass this, and how I can improve my flow?

A few important notes, the data is dynamic. That means, total number of days can be 3 or 6, the names of the exercises are changing.

I included a few attachments.

blueprint.json (76.2 KB)
Webhook-JSON output.pdf (132.7 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the Make community!

I’m guessing the spreadsheet creation needs to go here,

In its place, copy what the second day is doing, module [36] is replaced by a CLONE/copy of module [51]


That works! Thank you very much, something this simple can be the solution.

I couldn’t figure it out for some reason. :laughing: