✂️ Is there some feature that will eliminate a newline or carriage return from text?

I’m using “Google Docs Insert Paragraph Into Document” and that module adds two newlines to every “paragraph” inserted … I need only one newline, not two … if I use text replace, it removes ALL of the newlines and then the document looks like one big line of text …

Any help?

Is there any way to create a text file in Make and then, once created, I can just dump that entire text file into google docs?

Any thoughts are appreciated … I am having a very bad time with Make :frowning:

  • S.

Yes, you can use a regular expression pattern in the built-in replace function.

To assist you with that, can you please provide some examples of the data/text you are looking at?

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Hi Sam,

It seems to me that RegEx is only available at the session level in Google Docs, not at the global level … so, if I go into a Google Docs session and ENABLE regular expressions, I can use \n(?=\n), and yes, the double newlines are eliminated … if I try the same thing using Google Docs: Replace a Text in Document, nothing happens …

Is there some way to build a temp text file inside of Make?

Right now it’s like “create doc,” “put bundles in doc,” “download doc,” use a RegEx to eliminate the stupid newlines that I didn’t want in the first place but that Make added, “create a new doc,” shove the text in there … and, because the flow control is so, so obtuse, nothing is working anyway … I am at my wit’s end.

Is there something that I am missing?!

Thank you for your reply: I do appreciate you,

– S.

I am having a bad time with Make: So far …

I can’t get Make to insert a hyperlink into Google Docs … MARKDOWN SHOULD WORK BY DEFAULT!

I can’t get Make to eliminate the double newlines in Google Docs … WHY IS AUTOMATION SOFTWARE INSERTING CHARACTERS THAT I DID NOT SPECIFY TO BEGIN WITH!? Make is inserting ALL of the newline characters in the first place! I didn’t specify ANY newline characters!

I can’t get Make to iterate over data in the way that I wish … Like, why are aggregations coming out 3, 2, 1 … when any human on the planet would want 1, 2, 3 ?!

The flow control is incredibly obtuse: HOW DO I TELL MAKE TO STOP LOOPING?! Every programming language on the planet has for loop … sigh …

I understand your frustration – this is due to the fact that you are building something one would consider more advanced, when you don’t have the basic knowledge of how Make operates. Actually, Make is quite fun and easier to work with compared to other automation platforms like Zapier. But first you’ll need to take some time to understand the basic concepts – which is why I went through the tutorials first before I built my first scenario not too long ago.

If you don’t know what’s a built-in function, I strongly recommend you take a quick look at the Make fundamentals in the Make Academy, where these features that would answer your question are covered:


Here are some useful links and guides you can use to learn more on how to use the Make platform, apps, and app modules. I found these useful when I was learning Make, and hope they might benefit you too —


Help Center Basics

Articles & Videos

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Or, just maybe, Sam, Make should not be adding extraneous characters that the users did not specify … I mean, I’m only a hall-of-fame-inducted interaction designer (who also holds B.S. Computer Science), so, what do I know? :wink:

I don’t wanna argue: You are obviously a very good dude: You did solve my problem in the other thread-in style-and I am very appreciative …

Now, if I can just get hyperlinked text to go into Google Docs, I’ll be ALL THE WAY THERE … otherwise … I’m going to have to find a different solution …

– S.

I don’t think this is what’s happening here.

A paragraph is going to have a space between the current and the next paragraph. This is by default in Google Docs.

If you do not want “two newlines”, you could insert all of the text as a single paragraph, with a single newline (line break) inserted wherever you want.

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How many times is this “Insert a paragraph” module running?

Also it doesn’t help that you’re being sarcastic or not, but I can’t tell because this is not how a typical person communicates :frowning:

You’re frustrated, yes, but you are trying to get me frustrated as well, so I can’t assist you further without the following information.

If you need further assistance, please provide the following:

1. Screenshots of module fields and filters

Please share screenshots of relevant module fields and filters in question? It would really help other community members to see what you’re looking at.

You can upload images here using the Upload icon in the text editor:

2. Scenario blueprint

Please export the scenario blueprint file to allow others to view the mappings and settings. At the bottom of the scenario editor, you can click on the three dots to find the Export Blueprint menu item.

(Note: Exporting your scenario will not include private information or keys to your connections)

Uploading it here will look like this:

blueprint.json (12.3 KB)

3. And most importantly, Output bundles

Please provide the output bundles of the modules by running the scenario, then click the white speech bubble on the top-right of each module and select “Download output bundles”.


Save the bundle contents in your text editor as a bundle.txt file, and upload it here into this discussion thread.

Uploading it here will look like this:

bundle.txt (12.3 KB)


If you are unable to upload files on this forum, alternatively you can paste the formatted output bundle in this manner:

  • Either add three backticks ``` before and after the code, like this:

    input/output bundle content goes here

  • Or use the format code button in the editor:

Providing the output bundles will allow others to replicate what is going on in the scenario even if they do not use the external service.

Following these steps will allow others to assist you here, and avoid/prevent assumptions about what you’re trying to do. Thanks!

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Sam: I wrote to you sincerely, and you reported my post for … I don’t know what, but they deleted it … Please don’t reply to my posts; please don’t interact with me. I don’t care if you might be the CEO of Make: If you are censoring sincere and thoughtful feedback on your own community … well … this is just not right.


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