How do you create a hyperlink using "Google Docs: Insert a Paragraph to a Document"

Apologies and I know that similar questions have been asked here before, only to go unanswered and the topics locked …

I have these Airtable fields “link” and “description” … and I would like to have them appear something like this example:

Airtable field “link”:
Airtable field “description”: Wow! Make is such awesome software!
How I want the appearance in Google Doc: Wow! Make is such awesome software!

What I get: Hyperlink(,Wow! Make is such awesome software!)
Or: <p><a href="">Wow! Make is such awesome software!</a></p>

Is there any way to get what I want, which is:

Wow! Make is such awesome software!

Thank you to any kind soul who helps and Stay Cool,

:dark_sunglasses: S.

I think your link URL needs to begin with https://


I am using https:// :frowning:

I am starting all URLs with “https://” …

I turned on markdown in Google Docs->Preferences …

On a whim, I just tried typing [cool]( into a Google Doc and it worked … it DOES NOT work when I use Make to insert paragraph text. SIGH.

“Make Cares” sent me an email directly saying …

Only the “Google Docs - Create a Document” module can add hyperlinks to documents as it is the only module supporting HTML body/language.

So, I guess there we have it …

– S.