Is this community for Free or paid help?

Hi All!
Just started using Make today.

I came to seek assistance and view the latest posts with unofficial links and private consultations. Should we pay to have our doubts addressed? Is there an official payment link available?

Kindly help as I don’t want to pay at initial stage.

Welcome to the Make community!

You can ask your question here for free.

You can also engage specific Make experts if you want a solution faster, or if you do not want to post private data on the forum.

If you are seeking to hire a Make expert, you can post it in the Professional Services category. Otherwise your question should go into the Questions & Answers category.

samliewrequest private consultation

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Hello @john1082 great to hear that you started using Make today!

To answer your question, the Make Community is all about sharing knowledge openly and making it accessible to everyone. As @samliew pointed out, if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Questions & Answers category, where our community experts will gladly lend a helping hand.

If you’re interested in hiring someone to assist with your automations, you can post in Professional Services or explore our directory of official partners..

Some of our community experts do include links to their websites or Calendly in their community signatures. Please know that clicking these links is entirely optional. Our primary goal remains sharing knowledge openly within the community.