New community discord

Hello everyone,

I hope you all doing well :grinning:

I’m creating this topic because I’ve really discovered a passion for automation with Make, and I’d like to create a mutual aid community on discord, if people would be interested in joining the project (help with automation, tricks and tip, advice, help, news about IA etc etc) you can add me on discord ‘’ Gulyzm ‘’ and let’s create tomorrow’s community together!

If my message isn’t appropriate, as this is already a self-help forum, please let me know.

Thank you for your time.

Here’s the Discord invite link:

Join the Make unofficial Discord server!


You just did what i wanted to do btw…

Hello @Zam My apologies for the delayed reaction, I was off for a couple of days.

Thank you for your enthusiasm about Make and our wonderful user community!

As mentioned above, Sam – our resident Make guru and community hero – has created an unofficial Discord server for Make fans to come together and chat. That being said, please know that you’re always welcome to use the Makerhood category here on our forum for similar discussions.

Please remember that the main goal of this community forum is to make knowledge accessible to as many users as possible. Discord communities are, indeed, valuable. However, they aren’t accessible via browser searches, which poses limitations to knowledge-sharing.

Feel free to share any more community-related feedback here at any time. We’re always eager to hear opinions and are totally open to working toward what’s best for the community. :pray: