Hello World: The Make Community Basics

Hey, so thrilled to see you here :wave:

We’re stoked to finally have a home for all the Makers to connect, learn, and get inspired!
Sharing knowledge is so much better than hoarding it, right?

:people_holding_hands: Who’s who in the community

My name is Michaela and I am the Community Manager. I am a Make employee and I am here to make your community experience as smooth as it can be.

We have an amazing group of Moderators who are doing an excellent job helping to maintain the forum. There’s also a whole bunch of Community Leaders who live and breathe Make and are our absolute power users. Please note that none of these great folks work for Make.

And then there’s you, dear Maker, and we’re so happy to have you!

:books: Community categories

Let me give you a brief overview of what goes where in the community. We’ve got:

  • Q&A to ask your questions about Make
  • Showcase to share tips, tricks and the magic you’ve created with Make
  • Nerd-Zone to discuss more complex features and functionality
  • Marketplace to find a pro to automate things for you // to offer your paid services
  • Makerhood to chat about any off-topic bits by the ‘digital watercooler’
  • Backstage News to get news and updates related to Make

:purple_heart: Getting started in the community

Not sure where to begin? Here’s a tiny little guide that might help:

  • read the Community Guidelines
  • head over to your profile and fill out as much info about you as you wish
  • drop a few lines about yourself into our Introductions thread
  • ask, share, connect and have fun

If the community helps you find the answers to your questions, please remember to mark the most helpful reply as a solution.

Ok, thank you for your attention, so excited to see what we build together! :muscle: