Introductions and Hellos

Hey Makers! This is where you can tell us something about yourself so that we get to know you a little.

Someone needs to start, I guess, so

My name is Michaela and I am the Make team community person :slight_smile:

Originally, I’m a linguist. A translator, an interpreter, and an ESL teacher. Due to the turbulent times that we’re living in, I found myself in the need of changing my career and got so incredibly lucky as to start a new chapter in the world of workflow automation. I’ve been cruising it for a year and a half and I am truly enjoying the ride.

Random facts about me:

  • I frequently build blanket forts to hide from ‘adult things’
  • I am an avid petter of all sorts of fluffy animals
  • I enjoy sipping a) hot beverages on cold days b} cold beers on hot days

Very happy to be meeting all of you and super eager to experience all the meaningful conversations to be had!


Hi everyone, Bjorn here!
Great to see that after a good amount of effort from @Michaela and the rest of the team we have the forum up and running :fire:

I am the founder of - an agency drivn to help our clients succeed using automations. We thrive businesses by creating automations in no-code tools such as Make & code such as Javascript / Python.

Originally I come from the servers & network environment, where I used to work at Google datacenters as a technical project lead. Learned & created a lot within automations there as well, which started my journey in the automation world.

Random facts about me:

  • I love water; wakeboarding, scuba diving, kitesurfing, flyboarding and more
  • Travelling is my second love
  • I’m all into communities

Looking forward to meeting all.


Hey fellow Makers!

My name is Guy and I own/run datalytyks (

I am a no-code solution developer who got his start building Excel tools and reports a few years ago and am currently a SharePoint Admin/Developer and Excel Developer.

I love simplifying data! Whether it’s with automation platforms, data analysis tools or even full-scale no/low-code apps, I love it all!

We don’t specifically specialize in one area, but business Ops-teams are largely who our clients are, so our solution typically involve Slack, Airtable, accounting softwares, PM platforms and collaboration tools.

About me:

• I love snowboarding in the winter
•I love dirt-biking on the summer
•I’ve solo-flown an airplane!
•I’m a huge Star Wars fan (Star Wars > Star Trek)

About datalytyks:
•Fully-distributed between the US and Australia
•3-deep and growing!
•Has a YouTube channel with cool solutions
•Very active in a bunch of communities
(You’ll never know where we’ll pop up!)

I can’t wait to build cool things with everyone!


Hey Bjorn, how lovely to see you here :slightly_smiling_face:

We are so very lucky to have you as a member of the community! Thanks for being here to share your knowledge and expertise. The good old captain obvious in me needs to say that your rich tech background and automation experience are certainly gonna come in handy here, haha.

I love that you love water. I also love that you taught me that ‘the flying water thingy’ is called ‘flyboarding’ :sweat_smile:

What’s your next travel adventure? Heading somewhere hot? Or cold? Or both? :thinking:

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Hey Guy, I am stoked to see that you’re joining us!

Thanks for telling us more about yourself and your area of expertise. I’d love to say that it’s brilliant to hear that you love simplifying data in all sorts of areas. That’s one heck of a passion.

It’s great to hear that you guys create solutions and share them on your YoutTube channel. If you ever wish to bring some of your automation-related videos into the community, feel free to do so :slight_smile:

Also, I cannot believe that you know how to fly an airplane. Touche, my friend! Is that something you do on a regular basis? Are you considering a side-career of a pilot?

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Hey Makers!
Nice to meet you all)

My name is Stepan, Founder and CEO @ [](https://5.0 Solutions).

Previously, as an owner and CEO of HVAC distribution company , I was always looking for ways to automate my own and my employees workflows.
It was 2016 when I first found Make for myself (previously Integromat) and started using it for my own company workflows.

And for already >2 years, we help also others to find automation possibilities and develop automation projects using Make, Airtable and Bubble mostly.

What kind projects do we mostly do?

  • Workflow analysis and automation using IPAAS like Make
  • Developing custom MakeAPPS :))
  • Workshops/trainings/Personal Coaching

Truly believe that automation is not about replacing the human, but to help boost a persons main skills by optimizing and automating routine tasks.

Lived in 5 different countries, like traveling, mountains and water:)

Happy to be in this great community!


I am honoured to be part of the Make community. I am the director of NewPath Consulting, a small consulting company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada :canada:. We help associations and clubs of all sizes modernize their operations with database and automation tools.

I’ve been using Make since 2018 when one of our partners, WildApricot, introduced their Make app. Their lead mobile apps and API developer, Dmitry Smirnov, told me about Integromat in August 2018. But to be honest I was too busy to take a close look until December 2018 when a customer of ours wanted to extend WildApricot.

I was delighted and somewhat shocked to discover that I was able to automate and make WildApricot do things it was never designed to do just with some interconnected bubbles on a screen.

It took our company more than a year to realize the commercial power of Make. In 2020, we developed our first commercial automation called QuickBooks for Wild Apricot.

QBWA is a collection of several scenarios that integrate Wild Apricot’s financial module into Intuit’s popular QuickBooks product. At Integrocon 2022, I was privileged to deliver a short presentation about our approach to solving customer pain with Integromat, now called Make.

I’m a huge fan of the platform and tell anyone who wants to listen about all the things Make can do for you and your business. I like to connect partners together and have worked with several Make partners, some of the smartest people I have met in my professional life!

A little about me: I really enjoy my spinning :bike: routine and try to get on a bike whenever possible. In Canada, it’s pretty cold :snowflake: half the year so I like to take my kids skiing :skier: whenever possible. I also play the trumpet
:trumpet: in a band, and my dream is to play in a professional band on a cruise ship :ship: when I retire.


Hey @alex.newpath . Nice to see you here:)


Hi everyone!
Nice to meet you all)

My name is Oleksandr and automation has become my hobby.
Now I have a partner business (restaurant) in which we implement automation.
Previously to that, I worked for several large companies and always tried to automate routine work.
As a freelancer I have already helped create several automation scenarios for clients (one of them asked for help again).
Automation and integration is a very interesting world. There are already thoughts to do this on a regular basis.
Very happy to join the automation guru community



My name is Benjamin, i’m part of the Make team :slightly_smiling_face:, I work with the Sales team to help qualify the projects of our Enterprise customers and to try and convince them to choose our solution :wink:

When I find time, I go to the community to help when someone is stuck, as I’m convinced that when we help others, we learn at the same time; so everyone gets benefits from it.

I’m really happy to be part of this dynamic community!!


Greetings to all!
I’m Emilio, not affiliated in any way with Make (yet :wink:) but I have spent many hours helping people with their automation endeavours in the Facebook community.
I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and bouncing ideas around.


Hello Make Community! I’m honored to be here with you!

I am a full-time freelancer that helps businesses scale by clarifying and automating their processes. I’ve been using Make since 2017, and have been a Make Partner since February of 2020.

I enjoy helping new Make users learn the platform, and help them get “unstuck” when they have problems. I publish Make video tutorials on YouTube, provide 1:1 paid support for Make and other SaaS platforms, and always love to sink my teeth into a complex automation project for clients.

My top 5 apps I work with include are…well, I can’t seem to narrow it down to five. Let’s just say since 2017, I’ve used a lot of apps with Integromat :grin:

I live in the Kansas City, Missouri area, and love to ride my recumbent trike on the roads and trails around the city.


Hello Make community,

I am the owner of Wiseflow a small agency based in San Diego, CA. I have been building automations since 2017, I started with Zapier first and when I discovered Integromat it opened a brand new world to me and to my clients. I have been a partner since March 2020. I am a big fan of the product, I love to build complex scenarios and I am very excited to see what we will be able to build with Make.

What kind of services we propose:

  • Custom Make app development (private or public)
  • 1-1 Training or troubleshooting
  • Turn key Make automations
  • Make automations monitoring and maintenance

Top 5 apps: Quickbooks, Stripe, Google Sheets, Knack, Airtable (we have built automation with well over 100 apps)

I met a lot of great people working with other Make partners in the last couple of years and I am really excited to be part of this new Make community. When I don’t build automations on Make I love/hate to surf, ride my bicycles and play Padel tennis


Thank you @Michaela and everyone else for making this community happen :smiley: I’m so happy to see this, and to be here - I can’t wait to dig into Make!

My name is Chris, I’m the person behind where I build free tools, write tutorials, and create video screencasts about everything I’m learning along the way.

I’m super excited that ya’ll bootstrapped this new community into existence, I’m happy to become a part of it, and I can’t wait to participate!


Love NoCodeQuest! Welcome!


Hello All,
I am part of prettysimpl, a business process automation agency based out of South Africa. We have been at this since 2015 and have been working with Integromat since 2017.

I look forward to learning from those on the platform and am always happy to help where I can.

We have worked with many apps over the years but my favorite and probably the ones I am most able to help with are:

(List of some other apps we have worked with → here)

Please feel free to reach out on here if there is anything I can help with or contact me here.



Hi everyone,

I am part of management at The Moderate Genius and we help small-medium size online businesses with their CRMs and automations using Make and zapier. Based out of Ontario, we have a small team located around the world and offer both one-time and monthly packages to our clients.

We just recently because Make partners.

Nice to see soem familair faces here from the Make Partners Slack! :+1:


Hey everyone,

Thanos here, founder of We are process experts helping teams recoup lost time, optimize and automate their workflows. We use platforms such as Make,, Slack, and LastPass to provide businesses with a smooth digital experience.

Glad to e-meet you all!

My past experience is in IT, starting in Data Science, moving on to IT Project and Product Management. I started 1.5 years ago, because I wanted to be more invested in the long-term success of the teams I work with.

Random facts about me:
Every summer you have a great chance to find me vacationing or working in Kimolos.
• If I’m offline, I’m probably on a motorcycle
• I’m almost never offline

Super excited to automate and succeed together!


Hi everyone! I really like the community initiative @Michaela :slight_smile:

My name is @Bruce and I’m leading Partner Integrations for Switchboard the No Code Ops Platform.

We help organizations get insight into their No-Code Automations and enable them to respond to errors and failures of business-critical processes.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!