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Hey Makers :wave:

Thanks for joining us!
Read the guide below and learn how to make the most of the community.

Read the Guidelines :page_with_curl:

To make sure we all have a great time, we’ve set some guidelines for everyone to follow.
Please take a moment to review them: Make Community Code of Conduct.

Introduce Yourself :wave:

Ask for Help :speech_balloon:

Before posting

When asking for help:

  • Use clear and descriptive titles to summarize your question.
  • Avoid hijacking conversations with unrelated questions, and create a new topic for your specific query.
  • When asking a new question, stick to one topic and avoid posting the same question multiple times.
  • Give a detailed explanation and context of what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Mention any steps you’ve tried so far, and be as specific as possible.
  • Include screenshots of
    • your scenario flow and setup (functions, mappings, variables, etc.)
    • module configurations and outputs
    • any error messages you are getting
  • When sharing screenshots, remember to exclude any sensitive or confidential data for privacy and security purposes.
  • Mark most helpful replies as solutions to help keep the Community organized.


Learn the Structure :compass:

Here’s a brief intro to the categories in the Community:

Getting Started Ask questions and get support from the community as a new user.
How To Ask questions related to building, expanding, and troubleshooting your scenarios.
Features Discuss Make’s features, functionality, capabilities, and integrations.
Custom Apps Discuss topics related to custom app development in Make.
News Get news from the Make side - updates, releases & more.
Showcase Show off the cool stuff you’ve built with Make - hacks, best practices & more.
Off-Topic Visit our “digital watercooler” to talk about whatever’s on your mind.
Hire a Pro Promote your services or find a pro - this section works both ways.

Avoid Excessive Self-Promotion :briefcase:

We value open collaboration and solution-focused discussions. If you’re a Make expert and want to offer your paid services, please avoid spamming community conversations with self-promotional comments.

Instead, here are some effective ways to promote yourself within the Community:

  • Promote your paid services in the dedicated Hire a Pro category where members actively seek solutions. If you join our community solely to post in the ‘Hire a Pro’ category we reserve the right to suspend you from the forum.
  • Consider adding a link to your website or Calendly in your Community signature for easy access to your offerings.

:rotating_light: We want to maintain a positive and supportive space, so please be aware that any spammy or excessively self-promotional comments will be promptly removed.

Understand the Community Roles :handshake:

We have a whole bunch of Makers in the Community, and some of them have specific roles.

  • Community Managers (@Michaela @vendy ) - The Make people who keep the Community in the loop and make sure everyone behaves.
  • Make Employees - Make team members who occasionally jump into the Community to bring in some valuable knowledge.
  • Community Pioneers - Folks who have been with us since day one, providing us with feedback and insights.
  • Make Partners - Certified Make Partners who are eager to support the community and share their knowledge.

Master the Make Community :books:

Follow the Mastering the Make Community series and learn how to

Explore the Helpful Resources :make:

Reach out :envelope_with_arrow:

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions about the Community, don’t hesitate to ping @Michaela or @vendy.