๐Ÿ“š Mastering the Make Community: Mark Best Answers as Solutions

Hey Makers :wave:

Are you getting help and support from the community?
Be sure to mark the best answer as a โ€œsolution.โ€ This helps keep the community organized and makes it easier for others to find answers.

How to Mark a Solution

:one: Create a new topic with your question.

:two: Wait for the community members to share their knowledge.

:three: When you get an answer that helps you accomplish your goal, please mark it as a solution by clicking the 'Solution' checkmark.

Why Marking a Solution is Important

Marking solutions helps keep the community tidy and organized. It also makes it easier for others to find answers to their Make-related questions and it supports the exchange of valuable knowledge for the benefit of the entire community.

How to Recognize a Solution

  • In the feed, you can spot solved questions by the checkmark next to them.

  • You can also distinguish questions with/without a solution by filtering based on โ€œStatusโ€ at the top of a category page.