📚 Mastering the Make Community: Ask for Help

Hey Makers :wave:

Do you want to ask for help or start a conversation?
Follow the guide below to learn how.

Open a Question

:one: Click the New Topic Button that’s displayed in the top right corner of the community at all times.

:two: A box with an editor pops up.

Note: If you’re new to the community, a panel with some tips will be displayed on the right side of the editor. As soon as you close it, you will see a preview of your message.

:three: Give your topic a clear title so that other Makers can quickly understand what you want to discuss. Also, select the category you want to post in.

There are eight categories:

Getting Started Ask questions and get support from the community as a new user.
How To Ask questions related to building, expanding, and troubleshooting your scenarios.
Features Discuss Make’s features, functionality, capabilities, and integrations.
Custom Apps Discuss topics related to custom app development in Make.
News Get news from the Make side - updates, releases & more.
Showcase Show off the cool stuff you’ve built with Make - hacks, best practices & more.
Off-Topic Visit our “digital watercooler” to talk about whatever’s on your mind.
Hire a Pro Promote your services or find a pro - this section works both ways.

:four: Now it’s time to compose your topic. A couple of notes here:

  • you can add files in: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif, webp, svg, json, pdf, mp3, mp4, avif
  • when adding screenshots to your topics, you can simply copy & paste them into the editor

editor toolbar zoom-in:

composed topic:

:five: Hit the Create Topic button and you’re all set.

If you composed a topic but did not publish it, it stays at the bottom of the page as a draft.

Ask for Help

Follow these tips to help us help you:

  • Use a clear and descriptive title to summarize your question.
  • Avoid hijacking conversations with unrelated questions, and create a new topic for your specific query.
  • When asking a question, stick to one topic and avoid posting the same question multiple times.
  • Give a detailed explanation and context of what you’re trying to achieve
  • Mention any steps you’ve tried so far, and be as specific as possible
  • Include screenshots of
    • Your scenario flow and setup (functions, mappings, variables, etc.)
    • Module configurations and outputs
    • Any error messages you are getting
  • When sharing screenshots, remember to exclude any sensitive or confidential data for privacy and security purposes

Mark Solutions

Mark the best answer to your question as a solution to help keep the community organized.

If you figure out the solution by yourself, please share your insights with us, so others can benefit from them.