📚 Mastering the Make Community: Send Direct Messages

Hey Makers :wave:

Did you know you can send direct messages to your contacts in the Make Community? Check out our guide to learn how!

:one: Navigate to your inbox: click your profile in the top right corner and double-click the envelope icon.

:two: In the Messages tab of your profile, you can

  • browse your inbox, i.e. the sent/new/unread/archived messages
  • create & send messages

:three: When crafting a message, you simply

  • select the user(s) you want to ping
  • give your message a title
  • create the body

note: The editing box is the same as the one for creating a public post described in greater detail here: 📚 Mastering the Make Community: Ask for Help.

:four: You can also send a message to a fellow Maker when clicking their profile in the feed.

:five: Looking for a specific message in your inbox? Simply enter the keywords into the search bar at the top right corner.