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Any online or in person communities around Northern California for collaboration? Make Community Members have mentioned before the importance of keeping this forum active for SEO purposes. It helps it stay more organized and structured. I know there’s a small Discord community going around but I’ve found it’s not really active or people are hesitant to get on voice channels to speak and screenshare. I’ve been wondering if there’s any other small communities that gather to socialize/share tips & tricks, experiences using for their business. Be it WhatsApp, Telegram groups or any other types of groups who are mostly active in voice or video calls, let me know please. I can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, I understand Italian, French and currently learning another language. Whoever wants to talk just let me know and maybe I can share some blueprints that I’ve been working on recently. Cheers!

This is usually because there are no scheduled events. Perhaps you can try creating an event (verified users only) so that others can join you in voice chat, or even use the ping-voice role to notify others that you would like to chat in the voice channel at that moment? Of course you should join the voice chat channel in advance to indicate that you are interested in voice chat.

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I am fan of the nocodeops discord. They just got acquired by zapier so not sure where the community is going to go. But a lot of bright minds and ideas in here.