So excited for new dedicated Make community on discourse

Hey all! just wanted to say hello and mention how excited we now have a dedicated make community here on discourse! I have been a partner with integromat and while the facebook group has been great I really think this space will provide so much value to users, partners and new adopters alike!

I use discourse for many of the other software platforms I partner and consult with and can’t wait to meet everyone on the community here and start generating some amazing content!



Hola @timlittletech :wave:

It’s truly great to see the excitement you have for this new digital space of ours! We have been very aware that our amazing community of users deserves a proper home and we’re super happy to finally be delivering it :slight_smile:

Not a single cell in my body doubts that this place will be overflowing with value and helpful & inspiring content!

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel totally free to share them with me. I am all ears :ear:


Thanks Michaela! it looks great so far. But I’m sure I’ll have feedback before long :smiley:

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Great to hear that you like the place, Tim! I’ll be looking forward to hearing that feedback whenever you wanna share :slightly_smiling_face:

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Love that this is not on Facebook! :laughing:


FB sure is a powerful tool for all sorts of things but a community platform is a community platform, right :slight_smile:

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A powerful tool for overthrowing a government or starting a cult? Is that what you mean?

Stalking your ex? That sort of thing :wink:

Facebook is excellent for what it does - connects people together so they can share. Many Facebook groups I’ve been in work great but not for technical material like Make. Groups that are for hobbies and mom groups are incredibly vibrant and work well.

This community is already at 1100 people or so after 4 months of building so it’s still quaint. At 10,000 people I hope to see the true value of the community where at least 100 experts can provide high quality support and built reputations and credibility. Right now there are still a lot more questions and high quality answers and I hope that will continue to improve as the community grows.

One thing is clear - Discourse is highly civilized!


discourse? did you mean discord?

The community forum is built on Discourse :wink: It’s a forum software.