Issue with Bracket Numbering in Scenario

Hello everyone,

I’m Jacopo, and I’ve been using for a while now, primarily for a specific workflow that involves creating a Google Document based on data from Airtable.

Here’s the scenario: I have an Airtable form where data, such as “player name”, gets filled out. I need to transfer various player names, ranging from 1 to 12, into specific sections of a Google Document. Previously, I used a bracket numbering system in to determine which data to input, like:

“Player Name[1]” “Player Name[2]” “Player Name[3]”

…and so forth.

However, I’ve recently run into a problem. The brackets, which I used to assign specific numbers for data extraction from Airtable, are now CLOSED (as shown in an attached image). This means I can’t specify which piece of data to pull from Airtable anymore.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Or does anyone know if there have been changes to that might have caused this? Any guidance or workaround suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for any insights or help you can provide.

Best, Jacopo

Hi Jacopo,

The missing open bracket it is possibly due to the value being empty in the first bundle you pulled. That is the moment Make decides what to show next, and being empty doesn’t allow the structure to be shown as an array.

Another way to obtain the same result you want is to use the function get() and use the array as first value and the number of the item you want to pull as the second one.

In your example get(Matricola, 1) will get you the same value as Matricola[1]

Hope this helps :slight_smile: