Issue with filters, repeaters, webhook response

I have a simple scenario with webhooks and a router based on the data im extracting. I have a router with filters to determine which ‘path’ the scenario goes to, in one of the paths its a webhook response and when this is triggered the scenario loops back and heads down the other path of the repeater (on this branch of the router i have a filter setup but it seems to get ignored). I thought the scenario immediately ends when it hits a webhook response but it doesn’t seem to do that in mine.
i know this explanation is shocking, ive attached some screenshots. help cheers.

Hello @CFive_Administrator,

With Router, the scenario will follow each route, in order, if the filter applies and if all the filters apply (or there are no filters at all), all routes will be followed.

A Webhook Response does not cause the scenario to end.


Thanks for the fast reply, if the bundle does not pass through the filter isn’t the scenario meant to end? Or does this not apply with router/repeaters.

Only if there isn’t another bundle. All bundles will be tested against the filter, and bundles that pass will continue.

It’s possible to force an error to be thrown, and then the commit directive be used to end/terminate the scenario (instead of continuing with the next bundle).