Manually re-enroll past executions in my scenario


I have created a scenario that works perfectly. However, I noticed a mistake in one of the modules. Consequently, a large number of my past executions processed through this scenario without reaching its end. This was due to an error in my router filter, causing each execution to stop prematurely, and hence, not completing the full scenario.

Is there a method to “re-enroll” these incomplete executions? I have quite a lot of them. I can see them in my history, but I can’t seem to find a way to do this.

I know that it’s possible when there’s an incomplete execution—you can execute the queue. But what if my executions have completed the scenario without any errors?

Thank you. :blush:

Hi @doud62,

How is the scenario being triggered; Is it via Webhooks or other modules?

It will not be possible to do it as it seems from your description the execution is completed without any error, what you can possibly do though is either modify the scenario or clone the scenario, and then rerun the scenario using trigger as a Search/List Module that can filter the dates and re-run everything, but it depends on what your current module looks like.

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