Scenario initiation failed - how to rerun

Hi everyone,
I have several failed runs as the scenario failed to initialize. The detailed run log says that the scenario was completed, this is why nothing is showing up under incomplete executions.

My hypothesis is that part of the scenario ran sucessfully, how can I find out the data behind this or rerun the execution?

This is based on a watch on airtable which then sends an email & updates the record in airtable. The error was within the email step as we changed the password.

Any ideas?


I know initialization errors can be tough to handle as even if you add an error handler, it won’t be handled by the error handlers. Initialization errors cannot be handled by the error handlers and thus you won’t see anything in the incomplete execution logs.

This link to the documentation would give more details.

Regarding, how you can process the data again, please note, if a scenario fails with an initialization error, the data that was not processed can always be re-run. You can right-click on the trigger module and select the option Choose Where to Start >> Choose manually.

I hope this is helpful for you.



Is it possible to rerun a scenario even a piece of the scenario did not fail?

For example, we have an automation that creates a customer in quickbooks if they sign our services agreement in PandaDoc using a specific template. Or scenario uses filtering by template name. When the document was signed, the filter name was spelled wrong and therefore the ending action of creating a quickbooks customer was not executed (and rightfully so.) So we want to update the filter name and then rerun it so the customer is created and all other downstream actions are taken. Is that possible?

If you want, you can run a specific module of the scenario only and then provide the input based on your requirements. To do that, you need to right-click on the module and select the option Run this module only.

The other way to handle errors like this is by using the error handlers, you can make use of the error handlers and handle such issues.

Introduction to Error Handlers