Rerun ENTIRE flow and not just failed steps

We have a failed execution due to an error in the last step in our flow. See screenshot example below:

After fixing an error on our HTTP server at step 2, we want to rerun the entire flow. When clicking “Run once” it is clear that only the final failed step 3 is rerun. How do we ensure that the entire flow is executed? We need step 2 to execute again in order for corrected data to be passed back into the flow.

Can anyone help with this? It’s currently a deal-breaker for us if we cannot rerun the entire flow

Hi :wave:t5:

By default, “incomplete executions” continue in the scenario flow only from the point the error happens.
In your case, it is module no.11 indeed.

For webhook-triggered scenarios, without any error handler or deactivated “Incomplete executions”, the scenario deactivates after the error and the webhook payload is saved in the webhook queue.
Once you activate the scenario, the same payload is used again which might be what you are looking for.

I am not really sure what are your options/scenario idea but you might also use a potential workaround with saving the webhook data (or whole webhook payload) into the Data Store in case the HTTP module no.11 fails. The Data Store module would be used as an error handler which would prevent the scenario from deactivation.

You could then have a second scenario that would load the data from the Data Store (once you fix the initial issue) and send them back into your main scenario.
That might simulate the behaviour you are after.

Hopefully, it makes sense :pray:t5: