How can I better prepare for retrying scenarios when a 3rd party sporadically fails?

I understand that I can use a Break error handler and retry + Have incomplete executions. I know that’s the usual go-to solution.

But occasionally I’ll have some random module that just decides to have some downtime that day, and usually fixes itself before I even have a chance to review what went wrong.

I feel like this is always going to be a possibility for any service used. But I feel like littering my scenarios with a break handler on every single module is a bit … messy.

Is there a better way to handle something like this?

You can clone the module that could fail, and add it to its own error handler to “retry” immediately or after a short delay/sleep (in the same execution), then use a Resume module to continue where it failed.

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Hi Sam,

Thanks for the suggestion!

However, I feel like this is even more work than what I would normally do.