Is there a way to Re-Process failed executions of a scenario?

I transitioned from Integromat to Make and my Dropbox connection was on V4 instead of V5 when a scenario was being executed. This caused the run of the scenario to fail.

Normally, I would just delete that module and replace it, but when I did, it would not allow me to reprocess the failed execution of that scenario, because the data was stuck in the step that I deleted. It said “no trigger available” or something to that effect.

Once I got out of the scenario, saved and returned, the data that failed got marked completed, and I don’t see an easy way to re-process the data that failed and was incorrectly marked completed.

Any ideas how to reprocess incomplete executions that are no longer in “pending” status?

Thank you in advance for your help!

There is no easy way I am afraid. If you have a “watch” type module you could select a start point in the past and re-run the last executions that failed. I recommend using a clone scenario for that specific job.

If the trigger is a webhook then it will depend on where the webhook is coming from. Some services let you resend the webhook, some don’t.

Also if you had a module before the module that failed the above solution might create duplicates or errors (e.g: trying to create a lead with the same email in a CRM)

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