Issues with Router

Hi :slight_smile:
I have issues with how data is processed between the OpenAI API Call node, and the Router Node.
The first screenshot is my corrent scenario setup.
I want to use OpenAIs Functions feature, to get different functions invoked by OpenAI Chat Completion.
This works fine, and the return of the API gives me the correct data structure (Screenshot 2)
However, the Filter that is supposed to trigger, does claim that the data is empty, even though its there (Screenshot 3)
I also tested just function_call, which is supposedly also empty.
The Setup of the filter is shown in Screenshot 4.

I dont know what I should do now, to get this to work.


To reference the first item in an array, instead of 0, use 1, or omit the number.


Wait… Arrays start at 1 in Make?
You monsters :smiley:
That actually fixed my issue. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: