Cannot contact support

Hi, I have an technical issue with one of my scenarios.
I tried contacting support about it, but the support page constantly tells me that “A field contains invalid values”, even though I filled every field.
How can I contact support now?

@Marius_Janke_Ignatz would you please explain your issue with screenshots, examples or your blueprint so we can help you?

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Hello @Marius_Janke_Ignatz welcome to the community :wave:

Thank you very much for flagging this here.

In order for us to properly investigate, could you please let us know from where you are trying to log the ticket? Are you doing it from your dashboard or the Help Center?

If it’s from the dashboard, could you please try to open a ticket from the Help Center instead?

This will help us identify what the issue might be and take appropriate measures to resolve it.

Thanks a lot :pray:

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Good Morning :slight_smile:
So in regards of the technical support ticket, I went through the dashboard:
I filled in everything

And clicked sent. But it complains about invalid values:

I also just tested it through the help center, and there it works fine. So I have my ticket open now :slight_smile:

Just for completion, I can also include my issue in here though (Copy from the ticket, so I dont have to re-type everything) :arrow_down:

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