Iteration thru bundles

Hi, and thank you in advance to everyone taking time to answer my questions. I am new with Make and i am still struggling to understand some concepts of the tools.

What i want to do:

Scrape google maps with Apify, push all scraped results to a collection / array, use properties like “Business name”, “Website URL”, “Number of reviews” and write cold emails to prospects, and then send it automatically to provided emails

I got the described process working, i am stuck with how to iterate thru all the bundles send out emails for each. I am not sure if this is the correct approach: what happens is repeater loops thru the same bundle, so it outputs 14 emails for the same businesses.

Should i even use repeater in this case, or i would need to use ITERATOR for what i want to achieve? Something like i was trying in the following screenshot?

Thank you for any input to help me understand this wonderful platform better.


Hi @Krisbal,

You don’t need to use either array aggregator or repeater if your idea is to process individual bundles that you are getting from Apify. As in the first screenshot, since you are getting multiple bundles, the module will act like a default iterator and you can then pass the title and other fields to the Open AI module.

If you need to combine the result, then you can use an aggregator after the Open AI module to aggregrate all the results and then send email if required.


Thank you very much for you answer. It works as you suggested, i was trying to complicate too much hah :slight_smile:

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