Iterator - Airtable Search

I have a Make scenario like this.

I tried an iterator after the array aggregator to retrieve records separately. Now when I try to search airtable for records that match the records from the iterator, only the first match is returned. What do I need to do to get all the records that match the ones from the iterator bundles?
Sharing a screenshot from the airtable search module.


Hey @Chandrika_Shenoy

The ‘Search Records’ module should run for each and every bundle from the Iterator, one after the other. However, if the scenario fails after the first search, then it would be stopped totally.
You should try to avoid the error on the MailChimp step, possibly by using a filter after the ‘Search’ operation


Okay so actually I was trying to test if my formula works correctly. The mailchimp module is still under creation. So does that mean if I complete the mailchimp module, it will show all the records?
Also I want certain bits of information from all records in a single mailchimp campaign. Does that mean I need another aggregator after the Search module?


Hi Chandrika,

could you please explain your flow a bit more?

What is the first Search module producing that needs this sequence of aggregating and iterating?

Also, for now you can disconnect the mailchimp module so you can easily test the rest.


Hi Stoyan,
The first search module is searching for the list of scheduled campaigns from the campaigns table. Each scheduled campaign is a list of an investor linked to different organisations. The second search module is trying to get details about the organisations from a separate table. I was able to successfully to modify and run a script like this

The issue was that I was trying to aggregate over the second airtable’s search results which is why campaigns were being created individually for each organisation. Now I have aggregated over the iterator results and this scripts produces the results in the format I want which is 1 campaign per investor for multiple organisations.