Iterator how to format properly?

I am looking to use the iterator to submit rows to an airtable database. I am sure this is a simple problem with a simple solution, but the array documentation seems to be lacking a little in regards to proper formatting examples.

Here is an example Array:

[[Food: Orange, Calories: 100], [Food: Apple, Calories: 200],[Food: Pizza, Calories: 300]]

I would like each item to be submitted separately into the DB that is why I am using the iterator. What would be the best way to achieve this? Is the iterator the correct module?

Make primarily works on data structured in JSON format (including Arrays). So to work with the Iterator module, you will have to map the JSON Array output from the previous module.

Can you share your whole scenario screenshot or the data output structure?

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Thank you for the response. I figured it out by adding a split function on the comma.

To confirm, the best practice is to pass data in a JSON format?

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Yes, you are right.

See the output JSON structure in the history output bundles