Iterator mapping not working as expected

I’m using an Iterator and then a Create Json from the values of the iterator.
While the iterator returns expected value, the input that goes to the JSON seems to be empty.

Sharing screenshots as it’s difficult to explain.

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 5.14.30 PM

Any help appreciated!

Why is your mapping look different that that of the Iterator output? It seems like it is either picking the old data(just based on the mapping in the screenshot).

Can you try refreshing the scenario and see if the mapping looks different than what you have at the moment? It looks like an array in the mapping but the key from the iterator output is different.

Refresh the scenario and see if it changes, or what you can do is add an another JSON module and see if the new mapping from the iterator is rendered.

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I think you need to set your Interator to iterate on Orders[ ], it seems it’s iterating on a level up.