Iterator value not showing in subsequent modules

I added an iterator to my scenario that takes an array with the “Map” toggle. However, in subsequent steps, I am unable to select the iterator value.

This is really weird because 1) It doesn’t happen in iterators that are created item by item. and 2) in other iterators that also take an array elsewhere in my flow. Has anyone experienced this?

@Johannes_Ebert welcome to the make community!

this happens from time to time in the ui, couple ways to fix…

  1. disconnect the iterator and reconnect to surrounding modules (this sometimes kicks the make reader to set the ‘value’ variable
  2. run a test/sample scenario with values in the array should get the mappable options to show up.
  3. if you want to get fancy and you know that it will be ‘value’ coming from the iterator (e.g. its a siple array) you could manually type {{77.value}} which will then autogenerate as a mappable value. ({{ }} is make’s syntax for mappable columns.)

Hope one of those options works for you.



Thanks so much @timlittletech . I didn’t know about the syntax that’s very handy. It woks!