I've created a series of automation for every action you manually do on Instagram & Twitter

For the past few months I’ve been modifying some automation I used for a lot of clients, template like

  • auto create a tweet from a list of YouTube channels
  • recreate a users tweet at random, from a list of users
  • auto comment on a list of Twitter profiles
  • auto curate & recreate IG posts, from a list of users
    And even more…

If you would want this simply dm me “I want” on Twitter @notionnaija and I’ll send you some for free

Or you can go here to buy it & support my work

Welcome to the Make community!

Thanks for offering to share some of your automations with this community.

Personally, I’ve created an Instagram “downloader” of sorts for a private Telegram channel – any public IG link shared to the Telegram will be deleted and replaced with downloaded full original Photo/Video/Photo gallery media with caption and backlink, from a public IG user’s story, feed, or reel. This allows the channel owners to “reshare” the media easily on other platforms if desired.