Join() Array without a separator?

Hi everyone,
very simple question, how to join elements (strings) from an array without the default separator (comma) ??
An empty string is ignored. I’ve tried to add a random string as a separator but how to delete it than from the final string?

…sometimes the small things brings you in trouble :wink: Thanks for any suggestions

Hi @Steffen_Skopp ,

What do you mean by “an empty string”? Did you just ignored the second argument, or did you used the text keyword {{emptystring}}?
I tested it at my side, and it works like expected when using the keyword. Some examples:

With empty string
{{join(1.array; emptystring)}}


With space
{{join(1.array; space)}}


Glenn - Callinetic

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Excellent @Callinetic !
My problem was that I created an empty variable by myself because I forgot these “emptystring” option.