JSON array into new data structure


I’ve seen some topics about this, and tried out the solutions but they don’t work in my case.

So; I have a HTTP request (parsing ON) to a REST API and i got back an array of data [25] :

Now i want to rearrange the data into a new “data structure”, so I created it in a “Create JSON” module. Problem is that the scenario always gives me the correct data structure, but only for 1 “collection” (not 25 collections).

The Aggregator gives me 1 string again and the Iterator makes my scenario create 25 seperate JSON files for each collection.

Many thanks!

Hi @Davidof90 So what exactly is the question here?
If you don’t want the “Create JSON” module to create seperate JSONs, you can use the “Aggregate to JSON” module behind your iterator.

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I didn’t think of combining the 2 modules. That does the trick, thanks alot!

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