JSON body from Postman not working in Make

I need to send a JSON to a Accredible (certification tool).
Everything works in Postman, but I keep getting errors in Make.

I’m using the HTTP make request Module and I can reveive data from Accredible

But when I try to send data I get an 500 error

When I send an invalid token I get a 401 HTTP token Access denied
When I send no body I get a 422 Can not create credential without recipient data
When I send a wrong JSON I also get a 500.

This is the Postman setup

Could it be that Make parses the JSON in a different way than Postman?


To solve your issue, please include the access token properly as shown below.

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Thanks for the hint.

I already tried several methods for the token.
Bearer {token} and Token token = {token} work.

I changed it again to Bearer {token} but I still get the 500 error.

Posting JSON drives me nuts on make.com too. The same API’s I use on N8N, , Postman, Zapier and Pipedream work but I cannot get a simple JSON post on make.com to work.

This happens over and over again for every API I work with. I’m 1000% sure I use the same tokens etc.

Have you tried using a JSON formatter/beautify tool to fix the spacing and all that? I had the same problem in a module I was working with and this helped. I think the spacing before and after the colons : and commas , makes more of a difference than having it on multiple lines.


I did that and it didn’t work for me. Overall it’s pretty frustrating because I use make a lot for other stuff. I now have done it in N8N and Pipedream and no issues at all.

Do you have a working sample?

@Hans_Blaauw Can you post an example?

Well, I went and tried to get an example, but it doesn’t appear to be a problem anymore. It accepted my JSON without any formatting at all. They must have fixed it.

That was the issue in my case. Postman prettifies the JSON by default (to fix spacing) but make doesn’t.