Last step in automation is not working (post linked in post)

Im new to automations and im kind of struggling a lot.

Apparently all the steps of my automation are happening but my post is not uploading.

I found this threat (How to upload an image to a LinkedIn post? - #5 by Shashwat_Chopra) that looked like was solving my problem, but… I have no idea how to implement that.

Even though make is a no code service it feels to me like reading chinese, no ofense xD.

Can you help me pls :))

Welcome to the Make community!

Just map the original file to see if it works. Click this option circled red:



Hey Sam,

I tried and an error pops up.

Thank you for taking the time.

Looks like the image is returned as a URL. You can change the OpenAI module to return the image data instead of URL, or you can use the HTTP Get a File module to download the image first.