My LinkedIn Image Post dosn't get posted, even tho my scenario runned successfully - Need help!

Hello Makers!
I need some help with the following:

Im trying to automate my LinkedIn image post with Airtable and ChatGPT but i can’t see my post after the scenario was successfully runned, which is weird.

I have had this problem before and cannot work it out, this is the screenshot of the scenario:

This is the output from the LinkedIn module:

Thanks guys!

Hey @Orreed,

I don’t see any image file in input bundle? What is File name: file.html ? Is that the image file?
If that’s the image file then could you pass it as .png, .jpeg?



This is the HTTP module:

I dont know why its not converting, the image is stored in a drive folder thats public and its a jpeg.

Dont know why it is not uploading the photo.