How to upload an image from Google Sheets to a LinkedIn Image-post?

Hello Everyone!

I have some difficulties automating my LinkedIn Image-Post scenario. Even tho the scenario was successful i dont see the post on LinkedIn, if i run a “LinkedIn: Create an Text Post” module instead of image-post, it works. In the spreadsheet i have the image-url from a public Drive folder.

This is the scenario:

In the HTTP module it says (Photo Prompt) just in Swedish.

How can i fix this problem? Is there a better way to do this automation?
I would be open to trying different different.

Thanks alot guys,

Hi there,

Are you sure, you have having valid image URL?

I tried to replicate this with my test environment, it worked fine.

Also, make sure that you map the “file name” and “data” fields as shown below.


Hope this helps! :slight_smile: