How to map an Google drive image to LinkedIn image post module?

I want to download an image from Google Drive using a file download module and then use that image in a LinkedIn post using an image posting module.

I have created a scenario with two modules you can see it in the below image.

The response from the Google Drive module is shown below:

I need suggestions and help on how to locate the image data in the response from the drive module shown above and how to use it in the LinkedIn post module while ensuring it remains in PNG format.

Have you tried just selecting the file in the LinkedIn module like this?


Yes, that is working.

However, I am curious and want to perform this action by following the mapping option below.

What about the mapping option below, do you have any questions about?


Was it really that straightforward to directly map the binary data with the contained data item? Iā€™m still a beginner when it comes to working with files. :sweat_smile:

I appreciate your guidance!

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