Learn How To Waste Operations 🤣

So this is a story of what not to do while testing your scenario

CTRL+Z:exclamation:  CTRL+Z:exclamation:    CTRL+Z:exclamation:”    :worried:

If I had let the whole thing play out, 30,000+ operations would have been used in under 5 minutes.

So, Basically, this is what happened.
I was testing a new API, that has a lot of duplication among its endpoints.

So i was breaking apart the arrays and collections, and putting them back together while merging duplicate collections to determine which endpoints on which APIs I need to hit every day.

:information_source: It was actually 36>(relevant to me) different APIs with a bunch of overlap, from the
same sportsbook/fantasy house that is a sponsor of one of the companies I am involved with.

I was doing well for the first half.

Built out the 2nd half, without testing module by module,
honestly thought I iterated the correct array/closed off the right iterators with aggregators placed to cost the standard 2 operations for unpackage+repackage of a dataset.

Hit the Run Once Button.

watched it for 40 seconds, then looked over at my discord chat: turned back to see4500  Operations gone :rofl:


Moral of the story is,

  • Don’t beat yourself up too much, this happens to the best of us.

  • Always double-check your work before hitting the run button.

    • :information_source: Especially if non-3rd party modules are the majority of your scenario(they run quite a bit faster)
  • When iterating new data structures: That you are not entirely sure what is inside.

  • Add a “mistake catching” filter:
    At each spot where you iterate a set of data.

Hope my pain, brings y’all knowledge :rofl:
or at least entertainment :laughing:
Tis all for now.
:beers: Have a good week y’all!

Happy Building!

I use bold and caps to balance out my struggle to keep things concise and readable.

This has the added benefit:
that it draws the eyes to the most important pieces so that you can just skim and get the gist.

No aggression or shouty vibes are intended.

:raised_hands: Thank you for understanding! :raised_hands:

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Hahaha yeah something like this happened to me as well! Luckily for me it was at the end of the month so the operations were resetting in a few days anyways :smiley: