📚 Learning Byte #003: Msquare Automation

"Cracking the Code: Understanding the 400 Error and Fixing Bad Requests! :man_detective::rocket:

If the server couldn’t grasp your request, it’s likely due to syntax errors—maybe the wrong data type or duplicate data. Here’s a breakdown for various features:

Connections :link:: Confirm connection type and scope, ensure the right data format.
Data :bar_chart:: Validate teamId, steer clear of duplicate data.
Devices :iphone:: Check identifier format, avoid deleting processing messages.
DLQS :arrows_counterclockwise:: Prevent deletion during processing.
Hooks :hook:: Input required parameters.
Keys :old_key:: Verify valid input file, avoid oversized files.
Notifications :mailbox_with_mail:: Ensure the user has an organization in the zone.
Scenarios :arrows_counterclockwise:: Don’t mix teamId and organizationId.
Templates :page_facing_up:: Validate templateUrl format.
Apps :calling:: Tackle issues with repository response, installation, and uninstallation.

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