Learning Byte #007: Delete All Calendar Events In One Operation! 😲

Ever found yourself overwhelmed by the task of manually deleting all calendar events? :thinking:

No more worries! :wink:

:rocket: We’re here to unveil a transformative solution using Google Apps Script that will rescue you from the hassles of manual calendar event deletion. :exploding_head:

The repetitive nature of deleting events one by one can lead to inefficiency and wasted time. With a few lines of code, you can automate the deletion of all calendar events. :robot:

This solution can significantly save your make operations and valuable time. :100:

How to implement:

  1. Deploy the Google Apps script as a Web App.
  2. Obtain the web app URL provided after deployment.
  3. In your Make.com application, use HTTP “Make a Request” module to communicate with the web app.
  4. include the calendar ID as a parameter in your HTTP request to specify the target calendar.

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