Trigger Action when Google Calendar Event is deleted

Hello everyone!

i’m trying to synch my google calendar with my app (made in bubble) and it works really nice, but still, i’ve got one more thing before i can wrap it up.

I’ve managed to create an appoitment on my app using Make’s triggers on Google Calendar, but i don’t know how to DELETE it.

Here’s a quick preview of what i’m trying to achieve:

When an event is deleted on Google Calendar - Delete appoitment on bubble

I’ve got the bubble part (i stored a tag on the description that will show bubble what data to delete) , but i don’t know how to create a trigger on Google Calendar only when an event is deleted.

has anyone tried (or know how) to do this?

Thanks for the attention!

Hey @Thiago_Waldman

You can use the first trigger, it will also notify you when an event is deleted:


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Can someone tells me how to delete an event from google calendar
I am having problem with event Id and receiving 404 error

404 indicates that the event id is not available to delete. It may be already deleted.

So, ​I would recommend you use an error handler (prefer Break) to automatically handle errors, reattempt run and store the incomplete execution for your manual fix. Just right-click on the module and select add an error handler (then select break).

Learn more about error handlers here:

Learn about the break:

Watch this video to see how to implement Break in your scenario: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom


Thanks a lot @Manish_GrowwStacks
The event delete is the end of the scenario , and if y choose manually the operations run.
The event exist , and I think is ready for be deleted
Let me show you my scenario

I can see that the event id is not returned from the second module hence the third one is giving error missing event id

Just check output of second module and ensure it is returning a valid event id

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thanks a lot , i was able to solve the problem with your input

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