Trigger Action when Google Calendar Event is deleted

Hello everyone!

i’m trying to synch my google calendar with my app (made in bubble) and it works really nice, but still, i’ve got one more thing before i can wrap it up.

I’ve managed to create an appoitment on my app using Make’s triggers on Google Calendar, but i don’t know how to DELETE it.

Here’s a quick preview of what i’m trying to achieve:

When an event is deleted on Google Calendar - Delete appoitment on bubble

I’ve got the bubble part (i stored a tag on the description that will show bubble what data to delete) , but i don’t know how to create a trigger on Google Calendar only when an event is deleted.

has anyone tried (or know how) to do this?

Thanks for the attention!

Hey @Thiago_Waldman

You can use the first trigger, it will also notify you when an event is deleted:


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