Watching for Google calendar Deletes Error

Hey Integromates (Does that still work ?)

I’m trying to setup a scenario that watches for deleted items in a calendar, seemed simple enough.

I’ve setup the Watch Module and turned on ‘Show Deleted’ but I’m getting an error when it runs. Not sure why.

Works fine with the ‘Show Deleted Events’ switched off. I’ve tried deleting records and running it but same error.

Any one seen this?

The Watch Events option won’t work with By Created Date or By Updated Date.

Try switching to By Start Date or By End Date. Boom no error and I think you’ll get what you want.


Hi @alex.newpath ,

Thanks for the reply and apologies for the delay in getting back, I’ve been on holiday.

I have tried to switch to start/end date as you mentioned. No this doesn’t throw up any errors but doesn’t trigger when I delete records from the calendar either.

Any idea?

Thanks Again

Well it all depends on the Choose where to Start is set on the module

The way this module works is it starts by default monitoring from now on so it will look at events from right now and won’t look backwards until you specify a specific date, choose all dates or choose a specific event manually to watch.

Right click the module to specify this setting:

Once you delete an event that falls within this modules choose where to start range it will return with a cancelled Status


Also make sure you have Show Deleted Events turned to “Yes” on the module configuration screen.